City Hand

It also has possibility of, by means of the partnerships, if to obtain an adequate place where the courses can be given, can be yielded professional specialized to pass its knowledge to enrolled in the program etc. the Preparation and spreading of the courses of qualification of workmanship hand On the basis of the data gotten with the survey on the available vacant in the market and on the desired profiles, will be prepared specific courses of qualification for the three sectors? industry, commerce and services -, with emphasis in the biggest demands. In the case of They are Joo of the Boa Vista, the courses of qualification in the area of the industry metal-mechanics will have greater vacant number, in sight of the great amount of industries of this sector fixed in the city. The project will be divulged in the public schools, with participation accomplishes of the pupils and professors, who will assist, also, in the distribution of the graphical material of spreading that they must arrive at the hands of the parents of pupils. If you would like to know more about source, then click here. The Department of Social Promotion of the City hall also has important paper in the spreading process, that will have to be made in all its ranks of attendance, a time that these ranks have permanent contact with the population.

All the too much agencies of the Administration must have in its dependences the materials of spreading of the programs of formation of workmanship hand. Accomplishment of the courses and spreading of the egresses next to the potential employers a time finished the courses, the data registered in cadastre relative to the demands of the industry sectors, commerce and services will be used for spreading next to these sectors, of the egresses of the courses, being this folloied material of the curriculum vitae of these egresses. This action has the purpose to approach employer and hand of workmanship, in way the one that employers have knowledge now of that hand of qualified workmanship for fulfilling of the available vacant exists.