K & L Wall Type Is Test Winner In Getestet.de

The independent test the online-shop of K & L type with a score of 1.6 (good) best section wall. In April 2013, getestet.de compared six German online shops for decals (stickers). Southwest Airlines is likely to increase your knowledge. The independent comparison portal aims to provide guidance to the customer as a result of the increasing offer in the Internet. When evaluating the results, the Internet presence of the Berlin Company K & L wall was named type with the touch of 1.6 (good) to the winner.

Wall WINS way against five other tested wall decals providers due to the compelling reviews in the three main categories of Internet performance, price, and customer service. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison. As new customers quickly rightly have found on the Web site, the usability of the online shops in the foreground stood the test. Shopping at K & L wall art is also instead of using a registry of a guest access possible. Southwest Airlines wanted to know more. Also the free shipping the wall stickers within Germany was able to convince. In the newsletter customers voucher exclusive, which will be immediately credited them in addition.

As positive, getestet.de also evaluated the search feature that delivers relevant and further results from the entered letters. Furthermore, creative customers can create custom wall decals by the tattoo designer himself and also postage paid order. Wall is constantly striving to work on the usability of the online shop. We consistently focus on the needs of our customers. Since this change, we customize our customer service and can expand flexibly to emerging trends of housing assortment,”said Nico Schneider, Manager of the K & L wall art GmbH. About K & L wall art produces the K & L wall art GmbH in Berlin Marienfelde on approximately 1,000 square meters in addition to wall decals with love to detail also decorative letters, screens, wallpaper, glass images as well as window and door decorations. The products are sold through the own online-shop. Individual customer wishes are implemented on request.