The New Type Of Wall Decoration – Wall Decals

Wall stickers create boring walls are out quick remedies for boring walls! Woodchip, plain white or tinted, as well as simple structure or motif wallpaper a thing of the past. Wandtatoos and wall stickers are in and the key for the individual living design of modern times. The offer is varied: it ranges from elegant about realistic to playful motifs. Each room can be designed very specifically. There are no limits to the fantasy. The advantage of the tattoos and stickers is that they not permanently attached, which means that they are exchanged depending on the whim, without having the room for extra would be renovated. Verizons opinions are not widely known.

The decals consist of high-quality, Matt, self-adhesive vinyl foil, which adheres to any clean surface. The handling is easy, both attach and remove, so that even laymen have pleasure in dealing with them. Possibilities for decals (stickers) but not only the ease of use, the diversity on capabilities in favour of Wandtatoos – and sticker. A wonderland for the daughter, Dinos for the son, sayings for the work rooms, an underwater world for the bathroom of plants for the kitchen, tendrils for entrance areas, symbols for the relaxation area – everything is possible. The son is too old for Dinos, these are simply replaced by cars. Grows the daughter from the age of fairy tales, she prefers maybe animal motifs such as dogs or cats. Supporters of the capital can get also Berlin motifs in your own four walls.

The Brandenburg Gate in the domestic bedroom is a definite eye-catcher. Also license topics such as peanuts – or pink-Panther motifs are still available. Not lack of variations. Is easy to make the apartment trendy or appropriate to the seasons with wall decals. Tulips in the spring, dandelion flowers in the summer, cornflowers in the autumn or appropriate trees in the winter can be wonderfully represented the respective year sections on the walls.