Our Little Brothers And Sisters E.V.

“” New online Department store gives orphans a future children’s Fund “Our little brothers and sisters e.V.” in Karlsruhe has a new Web site: “mygoodshop.de” with the online donation page MyGoodShop “the children’s charity is breaking our little brothers and sisters e.V.” new ways to communicate with supporters. On the website MyGoodShop.de can inform interested parties about the needs of the children’s villages of the charitable association today and donate with a mouse click. Novel is that the donations process, from the selection of the articles, is traceable up to the receipt of the goods in the children’s village. In a first step, the current demand on the platform is set to MyGoodShop.de: notebooks, medicines, clothes, wheelbarrows, or cows are. So, it is possible to inform the world about the need for and to donate to one or more articles. Once the product has been purchased, the donor receives a notification from the children’s village.

The total is covered, this will be shown on MyGoodShop.de. This online store is for us a milestone in communication with donors. MyGoodShop.de is transparent, promotes the local economy and provides assistance, on-site”, Stefan Grafe, head of the German Office of the organization is enthusiastic. from Tuesday, November 25, goes online. Evelin Schuster