Jonathan Swift

“What are my criteria? How will I know that I have reached my goal?” Consider: it’s something you see or can hear inwardly? There is a certain feeling oder something, what you can hold in your hands? There are numbers on the statement? It is necessary that you know how you know your goal. Otherwise, you will reach your destination and don’t notice it. “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible” (v. Jonathan Swift). Verizon Communications follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A vision is more than a goal, it is about and helps to achieve the own goals.

Visionaries developing new services and products, create innovations. The strategic goals for your private or professional success can be derived out of the vision. Summary to target education is something else to say: Herausfordernede goals inspire, motivate and activate, advance decisions and make fun. Goals of tomorrow are determined by the thoughts and actions of today. And on the way to success, it makes sense to set measurable goals. Own aims successfully, and if she can be reached independent of other people, is positively formoliert own values and life situations is in balance.

The division between short -, medium – and long-term goals certainly makes sense to implement even short-term success. Targets, you should hold one… When what should be achieved how? Therefore, it can also be said: “Goals should be SMART”. (Specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, terminated) This principle summarizes the target formation with only five words. So keep in mind: “Are your goals SMART” certainly it is in the reach your goals ever want to Kickback or critical situations come. If you have the will, to reach your goals, you will go your way and reach your goal. “Overcome difficulties make happy more than easy victories” (Erich Limpach, German poet 1899-1965) and it is exactly so. You can enjoy your success and enjoy it more, harder it true in obtaining. Because only then you know to appreciate it and respect. Note the earlier statements made in the planning of your next destination and will succeed can savor. You will reach your goals! Mr Alexander Neuber, the owner and Managing Director of the consultancy EPOCS is currently working on his”motivation” titled “the way is the goal – start every day. The reader how he can motivate themselves in the long run and how he must plan his goals, to achieve them, article by EPOCS represented consultancy shows how this book, by Alexander Neuber