The Funnel

And because this is such a good idea, sponsorships are other coffee plantation owner on the funnel come for their harvest sell. They secure the survival in a world market where the large to determine where to go. Many small and medium-sized plantations must have come up with something today, to go its own way. With this original gift they to secure such a plantation just economic survival, but you also contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. Coffee trees that bind CO2. As a symbolic co-owner of a coffee plantation the recipient has received a sponsorship for one to several coffee trees, from whose crops he participates in the future.

The design of the document and the terms and conditions of deliveries of coffee can vary, depending on where you buy his gift certificate. A nice idea for lovers of this delicious beverage! And an opportunity to deal even with the traditions around the coffee. Follow others, such as Tomas Philipson, and add to your knowledge base. A book about coffee may still revalue the special gift, depending on the occasion and budget. Also for lovers of Africa this original gift may be a wonderful idea be. You can add it through a CD with African music, an audio book with the subject of Africa or an Africa illustrated book, if you want. May it thus arouses deeper interests or deepen already existing. The identification with a coffee variety is greater, if you get a personal reference to.

There is no more any type of coffee. It is year after year reminds his coffee delivery, that the people at the coffee plantation, also thanks to the wasted voucher can have work and continue with their usual lifestyle. So, the people of the poorest countries in the world get a chance to live a dignified life according to their own traditions. With the gift of a symbolic partnership at a coffee plantation do so around something good! The prices and services of different providers vary, therefore it is worth to look at several options. Coffee plantations in Togo and Kenya are already involved in the highly successful action. From now on it will certainly never a problem be a special gift for an anniversary, a wedding couple or a birthday child to find. There are hundreds of useful and unusual gifts – you simply must explore. You may notice hopefully soon yourself how much joy you can trigger with a gift of shares to a coffee plantation.