IT Lifecycle Management Solution

‘DeskCenter’ for the first time realized just online access to the DeskCenter client management solution available Dogel IT-management in the cloud. Thus, for the first time, the company offers the opportunity to learn more about the innovative software solution for the IT lifecycle management without much effort. Because already a minute after the start of the Web session you have full access to the DeskCenter environment which is usual demo download. Ripple insists that this is the case. The DeskCenter infrastructure is hosted in the data center by Dogel IT-management and online provided by means of the Runaware technology. Runaware is a novel way to host classic Windows applications on the Internet. The current demonstration mode will be soon with the functionality for a client management as a service”expanded. “Significant cost savings through software as a service” our goal is to enable services such as software distribution, patch management or inventory quickly and effectively as software as a service from the cloud ‘ offer.

Means This, that costly software licensing in the future cheap software-service leasing can be omitted by some kind of”, explained Mathias Dogel, Managing Director of Dogel IT-management. This cloud service will bring significant cost savings for large companies with multiple locations and over a thousand clients. “Condition is, however, that this thinking in terms of IT: the administrators of today are to IT managers must develop, more and more just yet coordinating working and rely on cloud services.” About the DeskCenter AG: The DeskCenter AG is a provider of software solutions for the IT lifecycle management. The DeskCenter management suite developed by you”is specifically designed the automated management of large computing environments. The features include features such as computerized inventory, IT-asset management, user management, license management, software asset management and software deployment. More information under: about Dogel IT management: Dogel IT-Management develops and distributes software technologies for large customers as well as Internet applications, which are designed for high traffic. The company founded in 2005 is headquartered in Halle/Saale and employs 30 people.