Complete Solutions For The Control Room And The Control Room The Control Room

Everything from one source – this trend is becoming increasingly important in IT security. Quickly and safely to get to the desired destination, Jungmann system technology (JST) offers its customers a complete range. Control rooms and control rooms are concentration and alertness of employees in the first place. To ensure this, JST cares for both the technology and the equipment control rooms and control rooms. Plant since 2001 and designed all around this topic JST. Starting with the big image systems that chaos and confusion of the past belong to, up to the furnishing of the control rooms and control rooms JST got in the range, and can therefore offer solutions customers, which leave no wishes unfulfilled. Especially the big image systems provide for clarity and promote team work. The systems show only something, if must be addressed.

The employees can concentrate their work on the essentials and error messages will be immediately notified. Even in these The necessary overview through the large-screen technology is always guaranteed stress – and alarm situations. Although also JST has no panacea to avoid errors, but the company has the know-how to enable concentrated work the employees in the data center, which can avoid mistakes. The employee must be constantly vigilant and must not be distracted by unnecessary noise. A large number of computers in the control room or the control room complicate this concentrated working.

The JST keyboard/video/mouse-system offers the possibility of outsourcing of computer in a distant control room: the attention of the employees can be directed back to basics. The principle of Multiconsoling offers the option of a reduction of the monitors in the workplace in addition and thus ensures a more efficient work in the control room or control room. Switching from a console to a virtually unlimited number of PCs is possible with a mouse click. Flexibility is an absolute increase.