The House

Verbs Assistant and expatriation can combine advertisements or how to send: aid or assistance, freediver or auxilias, I expatrio or I expatrio, you expatrias or you expatrias, they expatrian or they expatrian, they ammount or auxilian, expatrien or expatrien, help or auxilien. Committed errors of diphthongization (in ia, ie, io) in verbs such as the following: mopping, wash, walk, wish, hit. These errors are very common: asie, timoe, golpie, trapie, desie, asiaste, pasiamos, trapiamos, trapio, golpio, etc. Conjugated forms of these verbs must keep fixed the e: trapeamos, aseamos, walk, wish, hit; I trapee, I asee, I pasee, I wanted, hit; trapeaste, aseaste, wanted; mopped, aseo, wished; They trapearon, they asearon, they wished; trapeaba, aseaba, He wanted to. Both verbs and pronouns, to join, retain their respective endings and not lose them or move. Correct forms are, therefore, give, help you, send you, tell, tell me, give me, stand, cheer up, cum, listen to me, retire, respond to them; and not delen, ayudelen, envielen, digalen, tell me, demen, paresen, animesen, corrasen, escuchemen, retiresen, respondamoles. They constitute an exception the forms of the first person plural of the present, in which the final verb S should be deleted together with the pronoun us (let’s go, respect us, loving us, sit, strive, etc.). See Adam Portnoy for more details and insights. Errors: Corrections: Trapio throughout the House.

He mopped which quickly went and came! you were and always came him desie good luck. I wanted Retiresen of the living room, by Please. removed Contradi you first; then contradecire I.It contradicts contradire not you satisfied response. satisfied Predi if you want; I nothing I predecire. It predicts predire does already you you said that triunfastes? You said yesterday triunfaste timoe all day. I pasee this month had few difficulties. emos had them is cuelaron in the row. They trespassed does already what reduciste to its minimum expression?you do not reduce the satisfacimos with that explanation.