Type Faster On The Point

Highly efficient font subjects for students & Zurich, January 1st, 2012 how do look like a practical collection today? Samuel Marty and Richard Frick will provide the answer: the two Swiss typography experts have developed a completely new medium with a fan of writing that inspires students and designers alike. The key advantage of this tool: different fonts directly at a glance do with a fan of font compare. It is extremely handy and provides valuable insights of Scripture subjects in the blink of an eye. This, he transfers the proven principle of the color fan on the field of typography. This simple yet brilliant idea makes it an ideal tool for media designer, graphic designer, architects, marketers, font – and advertising designers, publishing professionals and of course typographers. Professional compositions from font, graphics, and image are nearly impossible without direct font comparison”, says Achim Gunter, Managing Director and Creative Director of the advertising agency forget-me-not from uberlingen on Lake Constance.

With the font fan I immediately recognize what works and what does not. Faster and more efficiently go hard.” Ideal instrument for study and training of writing courses designed by the typography teacher Samuel Marty and Richard Frick with the Zurich University of the arts and the Berufsschule fur Gestaltung Zurich. As a consequence, his classification is based on a modern, purposeful teaching. Separation of font classification and history of writing doesn’t make sense any more for us”, says Samuel Marty. Therefore, we have rebuilt the fan so that the student meets the development history and peculiarities of each font.

Only in this way he can classify them correctly and efficiently used.” And Richard Frick added: we oppose our view to the dissatisfaction with the formalist DIN. The typography has changed considerably in the last fifty years. Based on our experience as a teacher strike “we eleven chapters before simple and catchy and distinguish them with bright colours.” Each of the approximately 190 fan leaves on the first page shows the respective font including their typical characteristics, as well as information about the designer and year of publication. The font in the form of sample text appears on the second page. This is also useful as part of an ongoing glossary. Interested in writing about 400 typographic technical terms including detailed explanations here. The prize for excellent work: red dot award: communication design 2011 also regards the own outfit, which meets the highest demands of writing subjects. Laminated sheets ensure luxurious feel and long lasting abrasion protection, while color navigation ensures optimum orientation. For its high design quality, the subjects received the “red dot award: communication design 2011. The Scripture subjects is distributed in the Switzerland and Germany and is as a set of classes (minimum 10 copies) available from CHF 49.00 / EUR 38.00. The unit price is CHF 79,00 / EUR 61,00. ISBN 978-3-033-02118-1 for more information and ordering on / press contact: Antje Efkes line PR unit of the forget-me-not Werbeagentur uberlingen Tel.: + 49 7551 947 29-16