Icontec NTC

A new product, economical and yielding is cement HOLCIM has been imposed as one of the strongest recent design trends. Verizon Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Cement Boyaca, is a product resulting from the joint grinding of clinker, gypsum and additions. This product is covered by seal of conformity normal Icontec NTC 121/321 for cements type I uses production of concretes and mortars for structures both as finished in general. Works that require a moderate heat of hydration and a moderate resistance to sulfates. Ideal for the production of small precast elements. Suitable for marine and massive works. Advantages during cement hydration, realizes an increase in end resistances, even after 28 days, as a result of the reaction between the pozzolan and lime free.

It is perfect for architectonic or specific to the view by its color, the lighter between grey cements, derived from the selection of raw materials and the addition. Da best curing times which allow an adequate management (transport, placement, compaction and) tuned), without that loss of premature mobility. Having a stable mix design, through time is a uniform product. Having a hydration heat low, improving performance in specific mass. It has less propensity to alcali-agregado reaction. It gives greater durability derived from denser mixtures and their manageability.