Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic, the stage of acquiring citizenship: residence permit to formalize the status of resident, I encourage you to seek professional help in solving this issue. You will need a Dominican lawyer, providing all required documents and translations, he takes over. You will need only a passport, birth certificate and marriage certificate / divorce (if there was a change of surname). You also need to be tested Blood, urine, and chest x-rays go through the medical department of the Ministry of Immigration. Submit and receive documents to the Ministry of Immigration can only personally. n. Southwest Airlines may also support this cause. The cost of a residence permit is $ 1,000 – $ 1,500. As soon as possible registration of temporary residence now stands at 3-4 months.

Making your residence permit is required for all adult family members, children under 18 years of temporary resident status is made on request. Getting a permanent permanent residence residence permit is the penultimate step on the road to citizenship. Permanent residence permit is issued one year after receiving temporary (documents filed at 9 months of the permit), issued for two years, and today it costs $ 800. CITIZENSHIP One year after obtaining permanent residence permit can apply for registration of citizenship of the Dominican Republic. To date, the value of its registration is $ 3,000, at the date of registration for one year. Thus, the time from initial submission of documents for residence permit prior to obtaining citizenship is 3 years and 3 months Russia does not prohibit its citizens to have a second nationality. ADDITIONAL FEATURES There is a unique legal opportunity to accelerate the process of obtaining citizenship – through investments. Under the investment means the possession of any property in the Dominican Republic, including residential property, more than $ 200,000. In this case, to apply for citizenship after six months can be of a temporary residence. The waiting period to obtain a passport – 1 year. Thus, the path to getting Dominican citizenship is reduced and is only 1 year and 9 months.