Hapiness And Success

R = set the direction people are only really happy and satisfied, if it is piece by piece something moving, what gives them pleasure. Happiness and success therefore need a direction and hold the compass in your hand. If you have set your own direction in life, the goals can be found often by itself and less afraid to make changes. D = start you have now a direction found in which you want to direct your life and your goals now is: be brave and start! Start out so the concrete implementation of a resolution starts the work objectives and sub-objectives. To this goal formulation maze”keep the track to the negotiation expert Claudia Kimich summed up six steps for determining target KIMICH strategy. The K I M I C H strategy helps you, that your goal is actually intuitive measure initiative creativ challenging. K like: you be concrete! Write your goals both specifically and in detail. This leads to better structure and makes it immediately more clear in the head.

Handle and edit each target individually, never multiple targets at once. This confused and overwhelmed. I like: trust your intuition formulate positive, i.e. you only write, what you want to achieve, and not, you do not want to achieve what. Your subconscious mind does not hear not. Achieving your goals, trust in your intuition. Listen to a possible stomach rumblings and get him to the bottom. M such as: measuring your success writing numbers, dates, quantities and deadlines on.

Record anything that is measurable, then you can better control the success. Avoid generalizations. Put themselves and only themselves in relation to their personal goals and assume responsibility. I like: take the initiative, using you facts instead of opportunities. You would replace, could, would, could and should the fact forms: will, have, want, can and must. In facts, we are immediately effective.