Happiness – Thought What Is This Little Word! Is There A Standard Definition?

Luck… we wish others and uns…aber how do you define it to every Gelegenheit…ob birthday and now the new year, we wish you Gluck…Aber many people how do you define luck actually. There is a clear definition for happiness? I’ve researched a bit on the Internet, because I’m very interested. I found such as the following excerpt: the philosophers have long engaged in the question: “What is happiness”. For some philosophers such as the Bliss is the State of perfect satisfaction, perfect Desirelessness, an ideal, its actualizing through meaningful work and interaction is erstrebbar until the individual has taken his measure. There are quite a few more definitions of happiness within the philosophy. Visit Verizon Communications for more clarity on the issue. There are medical and/or neurobiological perspective considers the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, which trigger feelings of happiness. The human body distributes these neurotransmitters in different situations, for example at the sport.

But also E.g. chocolate causes that arises in a roundabout way in the body of the lucky Messenger substance serotonin. The messengers carry the message “Be happy” by nerve cells to the brain. Appropriate drugs can also carry this message, do however depend on. A further definition of “Happiness” is when asked for the understanding of everyday life. Respondents define happiness as < fulfilling interpersonal relationships satisfaction with life self-confidence, individuality pleasures success freedom, independence health absence of unpleasant peace, harmony well-being, feel good activities, hobbies relaxation, quiet enjoyment of nature, so we can see but really sum up development, productivity, happiness is defined individually by each. For me, happiness means inner satisfaction and with me even in the pure being, that is, that one tries to solve problems and she pushes her not only in front of him or ousted and above all it is important to believe in himself! Then arises far from alone.