After a comprehensive analysis we have decided software for the pdfPilot Callas.” CGN’s development team integrated the tool in its own data transmission platform, through which the members have access to the services offered. CGN also regularly supplies its members with a program CD, which enables them to interact with the data transmission platform of the network. Since the PCs of members very differently some with outdated operating systems are equipped, it was essential that get the solution without changes to the register files and without special configurations. Key properties that we ultimately found in the pdfPilot were for us”, Andrea Cappellato, technical manager at CGN, summarizes. Decisive was also, that this Tool already used by InfoCamere, an IT-partner of the Italian Chambers of Commerce, will be.”pdfPilot for all advanced the CGN team its new services platform, by it also provided members with the pdfPilot. The software can be copied from a CD directly on a hard disk and can be used immediately. The interface of the application is based on the Windows environment and works without special configurations, the program execution is transparent”Cappellato explains. Users can create a document in PDF/A format the text document or an existing PDF.

To do this, they just start the virtual printer driver and then received the document, which is then validated by the pdfPilot. This can be eventually directly over the Internet to the competent registration office send the Chamber of Commerce. The pdfPilot Converts documents from almost all sources. However, the software can repair not all PDF files. This is a difficult situation for computer laymen. To ensure fastest possible help our members, we have created a document for our call center, which summarizes the most important questions and answers”, explains Cappellato. Because of the conversion of the pdfPilot and the precise instructions how to create compliance-compliant documents, most of the problems could be solved but so far independently.” A necessary step is the final step for the user transfer the certificate in PDF/A format in the Web-based front office’ called by InfoCamere, Telemaco.