Water In Europe

Need to help your hands, wipe and dry. So all you do. In any contact with the lcp, whether hand-washing sponges, rags, mops, or mechanized cleaning brushes, or so-called contactless, not to avoid microdamage cover from the abrasive effects of dirt and sand. Hear other arguments on the topic with Verizon Communications. Just a different source effort – a rag, brush or the water pressure. What are the options market offers to us? 1. Touchless car wash. The title has already laid a big illusion. What is not in contact with the lcp? Rags, chamois, foam rubber? So in many places it is they are dried machine after flushing water.

Desiccant is used to blow air? 150-190 atmospheres with high pressure in the initial loosening and to whisk dirt water surface to the subsequent death. The quality of cleaning would be very strongly depend on the used chemicals. To maximize the quality of cleaning is necessary to carry out hot water and use the reagents for its mitigation. In many regions of Russia it is so rigid, that dirt can not take even concentrate. Historically, non-contact cleaning and first appeared in the U.S., where the culture of car washing includes visits to wash 2-3 times a week. In Europe, non-contact cleaning has not been widespread and is mainly used in Scandinavian countries, where the nature of the contamination does not imply a large number of different chemical deposits on the surface of a car. Shortcomings non-contact method: * All instructions for use of a solution for this method says that it spoils the chrome.