German Bar Association

An important point is here, that there should no longer be secret monitoring via video by employees. The secret video surveillance is illegal even according to current state. An exception is valid, if an employee is suspected of having committed a theft. To know more about this subject visit Bill O’Grady. Until then, the employer can try with the consent of the Works Council to convict him using videos. But even in this case, it is not allowed to monitor all employees, so the labour of Eckert permanently and everywhere him. However, I would open monitoring for safety reasons, such as, for example, at the bank counter.

Superiors, health test may be required only if the test directly with the professional suitability has to do. It is so legit that a bus driver must make an eye test. Even when a nurse I would a blood test to be sure that it has, for example, no hepatitis so Eckert, who also sits on the Board of Directors of the German Bar Association. Who wants to work as a Secretary in an Office on the other hand, should this not like let. It is also not permitted superiors, gather health data with the reasons for the inability to work. Absenteeism are registered while in the company, it is also permitted by using anonymised data to determine the average downtime in the workforce so Eckert.

Employees may not be here but a laughing stock. It is also not permitted to review the financial situation of all employees. Only for workers who are in a position of trust, it managers go, whether they are in debt. That was the case, for example, when a shopper or a croupier at a casino, Eckert. You would have to deal with money and may be corrupt. But to get systematic information on the data of all employees is not permitted. Lena Cook