Koi & Pond Fish Food

What you should know about the Koi feeding. Meanwhile, there are a variety of different kinds of Koifutter on the market. To find including the right is often very difficult. A good value for money of the Chuck is characterized by healthy growth of Koi and a shiny color development. Also, the Koi should like to eat the food. “To give you the purchase of the right forage” to make it easier, we offer feed types from different manufacturers in our shop, we and our customers could make positive experiences with their products. Furthermore, our range includes also fodder for sturgeons and other pond fish.

When an excessively wide range of different kinds of feed, you often lose track. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter. Also we like to tend too often to the Chuck. A balanced feed with all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins is important for the healthy nutrition of Koi. No matter what kind of food you choose, it should be fed seasonal consistently. In the transitional period (Summer / autumn), if you change the diet of your animals, you should slowly accustomed to the Koi. Mix, for example, your summer and fall feed and help the animals thus the nutrient utilization. In addition to the current feed as various supplements offered, serving of supplementation.

Differently, depending on the season you can your feed, for example, with fish oil (Omega m fatty acids) batches on FAT or accordingly with probiotic or enzyme-rich supplements that strengthen resilience of your animals and stimulate the metabolism. Be careful however when foods with high fat content, but even if you do your feed themselves on fat, you feed it into portions, which you can find within 2-3 days. Because even the butter in the refrigerator will quickly “rancid” and bad and can make susceptible to diseases of internal and external kind your Koi in the long term! Full and tailored to the needs, the healthier you feed your animals. Think of our own eating habits. We could do much differently to improve our overall quality of life in the long term. So, it can also at Koi to health problems, such as liver or kidney failure, as well as to obesity. So insert the treats specifically and avoid excessive feeding with foods such as bread, pasta etc an occasional feeding is no problem. You can enjoy vegetables or fruit, however, regularly your Koi. So some Koi love eating lettuce or cabbage, others are crazy about water melon etc.. Generalize that cannot be naturally, best you simply try it out… The higher the water temperature, the better works of the metabolism of animals. You can refer to this feature in principle. So, foods with high protein and fat content can be fed in the summer. This has the advantage that your animals faster gain in size and also to develop energy reserves can. During the transition, less should feed and get on easily digestible foods. Include foods with a high proportion of special leichtverdaulichen wheat germ (wheat germ) and fish meal products. Wheat germ is easily digested and fish meal is the body’s own substance of fish. Also the so-called Omega m fatty acids allow the animals during cold season, an optimal utilization and digestion of food. Who observed these principles of feeding and seduced not allows to overfeed his fish, can enjoy a long healthy Koi high vitality and Farbbracht and prevents cost-effective at the same time annoying diseases!