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Therefore, we are not new facts, but events that have been repeated throughout the history of capitalism. In addition, in this case, aggravated by a globalization that has gone away from the recommendations that history teaches us, and we point out several authors, among which are Rene Passet, Francoise Chesnais, Gerard Dumenil, Dominique Levy, Angel Martinez Gonzalez-tablas, John Eatwell, Lance Taylor, awards Nobel Laureate Stiglitz and Krugman, and the pos-Keynesian Hyman P. Mynsky. The crisis is not only the result of mistakes of economic policies and bad practices of managers and managers of funds of investment and banks, but above all a model of inadequate growth. So when the data advertised that everything was going well in the last few years, they did not reflect reality because in themselves the seeds of destruction were sown.

It was a growth that favored the inequalities and aniquilaba the environment. The years of expansion and euphoric praise in excess by people who have decision-making, trying to instill his vision to the entire society with the support of the powerful means of communication and a good legion of academics who applaud them in his hand. But at the end they have led to a catastrophe of incalculable consequences. What some have stated as a financial crisis is a global crisis, because it supposes the exhaustion of a growth model that modifies the ecological balance, which affects food, energy and who has been unable to combat poverty, hunger and social exclusion, although it has been accompanied all this undoubted progress. Ultimately, financial institutions are an instrument of the system itself to get overcome the crises of overproduction of which Marx spoke. This crisis cannot be solved only with economic policy measures, but that it is necessary to consider other ways to grow and consume. We are not only a financial crisis but something much deeper: a system predator of nature and economic unequal world. Faced with this situation, it is important to face the future with a rebalancing of forces, question that deserves to develop into another article.