Eyelash Protection

Eyelashes are not just protection for our beautiful eyes, but the finishing touch to any makeup. Caring for eyelashes is not as important as eye care. But we often forget about it. Then – for the care of eyelashes home. Caring for eyelashes is not as important as eye care. Every day we expose them to different influences – paint the mascara curls, and sometimes forget the evening look after them.

And togoda eyelashes begin to wilt, dry up and vypadat.K Fortunately, there are recipes that can enhance their growth and strengthen. Eyelashes – like hair – are the same life cycle – new cilia grow up, simply replace the old and the old easy vpdayut. This is a natural process of renewal. In this case, require regular maintenance lashes, morning and evening, they have to comb from the bottom up through the brush, smeared with castor oil or any other vegetable. For this You can adapt an old jar of ink. It must be very careful to wash – and then pour it into castor oil. In no case can not leave the castor oil at night – can shlopotat the morning of the effect of 'Chinese-beekeeper.

" Once a week, very gently rub castor or linseed oil on the lash line (this can be done with a cotton swab). If deplumation was elevated – always consult your doctor – it may be a sign of failure in body – lower immunity, internal diseases or eye diseases (such as demodicosis). When buying mascara – do not be greedy. Buy good quality ink, which is composed of caring components – vitamins and biotin, silk extract. Do not forget that manufacturers list ingredients on writing a jar in the order of decreasing content in the product. That is, if the vitamins are in the bottom of the list – their share of the carcass is negligible. Another tip: let rest their cilia, and at least one – two days a week, do not use mascara and other cosmetics for the eyes.