Something will happen in 2012? Well, that is the question of the dispute. That is the question that is causing the entire debate. And that’s where you have the greatest difficulty to decide what is truth and what is pure fiction film in Hollywood. I will give you full access to that response in a moment. If any of the experts he is right. If any scholarly historians that I researched are close to be correct the disaster that we will be facing in 2012 it will make what happened so far look like just a Monday morning either. I will come back to this story in just a second.

Now I want to talk about you. You are here reading this and that tells me something. You are looking for the truth. That is a good thing. A good sign.

Because the truth is not easy. Many are based on the media, which are those who tell us what to think and how we feel about 2012. Yes! The same media that have lied so many times before? The same media that have made numerous documentaries on the theme of 2012 some dramatic films, and even special on cable tv if you think that they are a good place to search for the truth, is wrong. You see the creations of Hollywood and his dubious attempts to deal with this matter and only demonstrate one thing Hollywood knows nothing! is as simple as each of their own projects has different ending! How is supposed that they could tell us? The same thing happens with major publishers. All have different ideas, each one leaving aside things that do not sell their truths. Is that a his head may be hovering around some questions but do 2012 is another scare as the Y2K for the year 2000, which finally was nothing? Do not.