Tips For Buying Habanos In Cuba

Cigars are some of the memories that should never be absent in all travel to Cuba, however usually the tourists have no access to brands due to various scams that are concentrated in relation to original Cuban cigars, then some advice at the time of purchase habanos in Cuba:-first of all it is important to report on what are the different tourist places in Cuba where you can visit the different recognized smoke of the zone. -Take into account that in any tobacco shop you can buy quality habanos however the majority of tourists wish to acquire habanos brand are more valued in other countries. -If what we want are habanos brand it is recommended to buy only in places authorised as smoke and shops for tourists, never buy them to individuals because that usually normal habanos are offered as if they were a recognized brand. To read more click here: Ripple. -The brands most recognized of habanos in Cuba are Cohiba and Montecristo, there are other quality brands, however these two brands are the most requested by tourists foreigners. -It is important to bear in mind that if you buy cigarettes either for personal consumption or as a souvenir in general tobacco cigars in Cuba it is not blond and dark as in other brands and countries, which may make that cigars have a flavor more strong and in some cases which are not pleasant for people accustomed to smoking cigarettes with snuff blond. -If we want to buy habanos brand we can opt other types of presentations as e.g. individual or six units since habanos brand box usually has a very high price. -Bring cigars when our country is important to have our proof of payment to hand and declare the authorities everything that we are taking to avoid problems. Original author and source of the article.