Espirito Santo

(To read I Corntios 3:10 – 23 and 4:1 – 8? Glatas 6:6 – the 10) leaders if had relieved to the power land (Glatas 1:10), enveredaram themselves for the layer most spurious of the society, that is the classroom politics, forgetting itself them done votes the God Father and the Jesus Christ, who is the salvation of the man. He is written in the word that is impossible to the man to love the two gentlemen, that is, not if he can serve the God and the wealth. the politics is the way most easy to also arrive itself at the wealth and for the perdio of the soul (I Corntios 10:23 /24). We live dived in the lie, in the frauds, exhibiting a false justice, therefore the Law created for parliamentarians, only benefits them. When a common citizen appeals to justice, this same law receives diverse interpretation in some instances and almost always the defeat falls again for favored the least. That time is this where in a democracy capitalism takes breath and the governing govern to the bel pleasure, manipulating billions, using badly these resources, thus submitting all the society the responsibility of the payment of taxes and tributes of the highest order? All we are enslaved of the State, a time that ' ' Estado&#039 master; ' he at least deducts 40% from the income of a worker of middle class in Brazil. The bankers and the rich ones of the Country continue in the usurpation of the minors and the taxes of interests and taxes are frightful, causing a wild increase of nationalized crime. Where they are the resources collected for the education and the health? We need to search shelter in the arms of Jesus to continue in this different and impious fight. Still people of the good and those exist that are fidiciary offices the God Father, Filho and Espirito Santo.