Central African

Meanwhile, they spend months and years without remembering pandemics and miseries that summon up the same lives of quiet way. Nobody speech of the malaria, AIDS or the Central African drought while the news is tsunami. And this one, as well, happens to the trunk of the memories at the moment that the numbers and the images become repetitive. The governments and the population generally respond in terms similar to the shocks of the natural catastrophes that frequently take place. Many social organizations of countries donors try with continued effort to educate to their population with a pedagogy of the cooperation that makes include/understand the complexity of this one when taking it to the practice.

Within this process equipping with priority to the maintained cooperation and the development is included that attacks the same roots of the poverty. One is which people fall in the account of the importance of the long term programs that include the production of goods of first necessity, the promotion of the use, the improvement of the sanitary and educative conditions, the infrastructure creation, etc. Projects realised by the native population, with strong social participation, I am transparent and with a high degree of efficiency for the surroundings where they are applied. That it is as much as to give importance to the normality of the day to day of a society. Said of another form, also a way to fight preventively against the natural disasters, since a structured society and hard can confront them with majors guarantees.

However, the hearings continue being more sensible an precise catastrophe of dramatic consequences, with devastating images. The reunited and sudden pain causes that they secure to innumerable supports and a disturbed human heat. They are the moments, in addition, that some organizations with few scruples are profiteer to catch resources and partners. We have a world-wide challenge ahead, to obtain that the structure of aid in catastrophes is fortified until the point of which it is little what it is improvised when an intervention becomes necessary. But without the cooperation maintained to develops it undergoes no decrease. So important it is to act in the emergencia, like maintaining one responsible, constant and rigorous attitude on the infinity of causes that produce calamities in the planet. Cristbal Sanchez Blesa Journalist and President of Shared in common for the Development ccs@ solidarios.org.es original Author and source of the article.