Emotional Sell – The Seminar

“To escape sent the comparison trap of Lars Shepherd’s book emotional sell: what your customers really want” is represented on the front places of the bestseller list for a year and is now a standard for all those who want to go away from selling & co. with its customers in the dialog. Who”want to get deeper into the subject of emotional sell, has the opportunity to participate in one of the few open seminars to the book at the 05.04.2013 in Iserlohn, Germany. The Organizer, the StrategieCentrum South Westphalia, has decided Hotel Neumann this year for the romance, to provide the appropriate framework for an emotional, exciting and informative seminar participants from 9 am until 5 pm. With his methodology, Lars Schafer enters targeted on a major problem in the distribution: the comparability. Thanks to the Internet, customers are now well informed and see the price as only difference of like increasing products and services often, what experience has a ruinous discount battle resulted. It doesn’t have to be’ says Lars Schafer. “If we bring up as a personality, we can distinguish us from the competition: when it comes to the crunch and the facts are comparable, then include just these so-called soft factors”.

Know this event participants will learn emotional selling”as a completely new form of distribution. In his Seminar paper”Lars Schafer among other things explains how participants can use their personality as a unique selling point in the competition, how they build trust with their customers with their attitude and their behavior and how they take into account the emotional customer benefits in their conversations. Lars Schafer was 15 years in indoor and field worked, including 10 years as an independent sales representative. He successfully practiced what he imparts as sales and communication coach since 2004. In addition to his special subject of emotional sell”, it covers the full range of sales training for sales engineers and field service shop employees.

His inspiring, humorous and motivational style of presentation is the Active runner and football experts from the inside, but also from a TTR trainer training and hundreds of training. The seminar takes place with Lars Schafer on the 05.04.2013 at the Romantik Hotel Neumann in Iserlohn, Germany. The seminar includes workshop, lunch and coffee break in the morning: coffee break in the afternoon, two-course dinner and drinks. The number of participants is limited. All information and online booking on the Internet pages of the StrategieCentrums South Westphalia: