So You Can Look At Note

Convert PowerPoint with YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter for Galaxy touch, so you can see Note PowerPoint on Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy touch is a heterogeneous device, with a 5.3-inch display is also a bit too small for the conventional Tablet PC a bit too big for conventional mobile phones. Verizon Communications will not settle for partial explanations. But just because of the magnitude of deliberately held it is a great product because it fills the gap between mobile and Tablet PC. The Samsung Galaxy touch is not necessarily for those who use it primarily to make calls and SMS, or as a notebook replacement. It is a mobile office, allowing…, its customers and the customers Internet, emails, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, dates, more. You therefore probably have the claim to look at Note Microsoft PowerPoint on Galaxy. Although you can open your PPT files using an Office application even work, but PowerPoint used elements such as animations, transitions, and sound effects are just gone.

Not good, not true? To properly view Note PowerPoint on Galaxy you need the PowerPoint files first in Galaxy touch to convert compatible video formats, so that PowerPoint faithful videos not only on touch can look at the Galaxy. Download YouTube FLV to AVI, PowerPoint to video converter and follow the instructions below as soon as possible to find out how you can convert Note PowerPoint presentations for Galaxy, so that you can watch PowerPoint on Galaxy notes. Step-by step instructions step 1: YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint run to video converter and add presentations to do first the PowerPoint to Galaxy touch converter from. “” “Then you can add your so many PowerPoint presentations as you want at once in the PowerPoint to iPad converter, by you: on the button Add” click the image welcome “double click on menu > add” select MP4 as output format click step 2: Galaxy note supported comprehensive video formats, such as MP4, AVI, 3GP, MPEG4, WMV. We can convert the PowerPoint file in any format above. As an example, we can take MP4. Click on the drop-down arrow to select a Galaxy touch compatible video format.

Some prefabricated profiles are designed specifically for Galaxy note already available, some of them choose. If you still want to edit the selected profile, click Options on the button”. The new spring-loaded window to the parameter of the format such as video codec, video quality, bitrate WAE. adjust as desired. Step 3: new setting Note PowerPoint presentations before the conversion for Galaxy to meet different user requirements, offers touch converter this PowerPoint to Galaxy still set multiple options, such as the length of time between each slide, add background music, maintain the aspect ratio of films and etc. Click the icon setting”. Under the tab presentation”there are four sub tab, and “” Meantime”, background music, audio setting”and films”. “After the above settings, step 4: PowerPoint to MP4 for Galaxy note convert can convert PowerPoint to MP4 for Galaxy note with a click on the start icon” launch. The other makes note converter this PowerPoint to Galaxy. After a while note gets Converts PowerPoint to MP4 for Galaxy. Step 5: Note PowerPoint video transfer to Galaxy and look at the converted PowerPoint video with a USB cable can transfer iPad on it. Then you can watch PowerPoint on Galaxy note.