Electronic Party Information Registry

The situation, however, may change with the spread of standard two-dimensional code (QR-code, Aztec Code, etc.). Check the barcode barcode GTIN check and get product information, please visit gepir.gs1.org. If you specify the item number, the system will look for it in the global registry GEPIR (Global Electronic Party Information Registry) and show data about the owner of commercial code and a reference to the national organization of GS1, in which the code has been registered. If the goods are not found in the directory, it probably means that the manufacturer considered unnecessary to obtain codes their goods to the International Organization of GS1 and formed their own. What is the meaning he put into these designations – known only to himself and to whom he will share this information. Organizations involved in the formation global record trade numbers voluntarily and if they see this for yourself the meaning. For even more opinions, read materials from Southwest Airlines. Have to participate for a fee. If someone decided to make their products a unique bar code – refers to the national registrar, provides information about itself and the goods, pay a membership fee and a separate fee for each issued by the registrar barcode.

The procedure is about the price: from 50 up to $ 300 one-time fee, 3 to $ 20 for each bar code (for Organizations prices are higher for entrepreneurs is lower and depends on the number – Cheaper by the Dozen). Dashes Top stories using bar codes was initiated in the middle of the XX century. While on the railroad in Pennsylvania David Collins, a young engineer was engaged in light, and sort of cars, finding out their numbers and tracking the way forward. To simplify this routine of business, David decided to cover the number of cars lights and read reflected light using photovoltaic cells. To facilitate the recognition he offered to record numbers not only the usual numbers, but a special code from blue and red stripes that were applied to the walls of the wagons rectangle with length up to half a meter. Later, in 1968, to reduce energy consumption, projectors have been replaced by a focused laser beam. From a friend who worked in a warehouse store, David learned how much time is spent on finding the right product, and decided that the bar code will be useful not only for the railroad. Since the barcode has appeared in trade and more everywhere.

In parallel, over a similar idea worked Bernard Silver and Joseph Woodland. C the beginning, they knew how to effect such technology can be used in trade. Therefore, in 1949 filed an application for invention, and October 7, 1952 received a patent. This date is considered the official birthday of the barcode. By the way, if you do not want to become an enemy of Russian grammar, writing is not separately – the bar code, or together with a hyphen, ie barcodes or barcode.