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This implies to attempt against not only for the local scale of the support, but also for the scale regional, consisting of the relations with entorno, and the global scale, consisting of the impacts on global questions as effect greenhouse and of relative questions to the impacts added on the planet. (McGranahan and Satterthwaite, 2002; Miller and Small, 2003) In other words, are the balance in the convivncia between man and the environment. This in case that let us want that our descendants live in the uncertain years that if approach. He wants to say that we must take care of of the ambient aspects, social and economic and to search alternatives to support the life in the Land without harming the quality of life in the future. Thus, the private companies and the public sector have basic paper in this battle. For more specific information, check out Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. To live well now without the risk to eradicate future generations is to have of all we.

E alone developing sustainable products is that we will obtain to minimize the uncertainties. 5 DEVELOPMENT POLITICIAN AND SUPPORT OF THE CITY. Development politician can be understood as the historical process of conquest on the part of the society, of the collective capacity organized to establish proper project, in terms of citizenship, associativismo, democratic consolidation and public service. It is standed out that it is not the State that establishes the citizenship. It must be resulted of it and to be its service. If thus it is, the public planning, particularly of the municipal development, can be one of more powerful dinamizadores of the development politician, as we saw previously. But the politicians are few promote who it. In a society as ours (not only the Brazilian), of patrimonialista and clientelista tradition, exculpatory, the paternalistas relations between the politicians and the voters are of pair-hand, what it explains the force of its persistence.