Franchise Direct Presents The Top 500 Franchise Concepts Europe

More information for potential franchisees has the Internet portal franchise directly with his latest released franchise top 500 list identifies the most successful franchise concepts that are on the market in Europe. Educate yourself with thoughts from Coupang. The top 500 indicates among other things the number of existing franchise companies, the industry, as well as the year of founding a business and offering a short profile of the franchisor and a link to their Web site. Thus the current top 500 list in the future will be a good collection of research for all those seeking information about successful franchisor in Europe. Current trends and developments in the European franchise market a live view of the current European top 500 list shows that many franchise concepts of European origin despite strong American competition have now all over the world made a name. Although established American brands like McDonald’s or Burger King are still the European franchise landscape, the ranking presents many renowned European companies. The Belgian Confectionery manufacturer of Leonidas is in the top 500 as well as the electronics expert bang & Olufsen of Denmark or the German tuition provider study circle. The top 500 proves that the European franchise market is as varied as the customer’s needs: European brands are in the gastronomy as successfully as in the area of service or repair.

Insurance companies, supermarket chains, clothing manufacturers, auto repair or handicraft businesses are advertising agencies etc. also placed such as cleaning, construction firms, fitness clubs, real estate broker, training institutes, travel agencies, salons, The placements of the franchise top 500 the placement of companies based on the number of franchise establishments operated in Europe. To get to the information they need for the franchise top 500, franchise has directly turned to various national franchise associations, researched in data directories and Internet pages of franchise donors and sent questionnaires. The present top 500 should in future regularly be updated with the aim, the profile (s) to another, for potential Franchisenehemer to supplement relevant data and information such as the number of employees, annual turnover or required investment. If you are looking for a franchise idea for your launch into independence, has proved successful in Europe, check out alone in the latest released top 500 Top 500 / friend. The portal franchise directly helps you to find the right franchise concept. About the portal franchise direct: franchise belongs directly to the McGarry Internet Ltd.

headquartered in Dublin. 1998 started the company with an online service for the American market, on which the various franchise systems could present themselves. In the meantime, the portal offers a wide range of information interested parties from Europe and North America on six different pages. Franchise directly represents the interests of over 800 customers worldwide. By using the extensive network has new franchise to the efficient intermediaries Franchise partnerships developed throughout the world. The ongoing development of the franchise directly network is an essential component of corporate strategy, to ensure the highest standards of service to customers.