The Individual

Soon, the use of differentiated methodologies, as for example the allied situation-problem to the experimentation, as half of strategies of education directed to the construction and the questioning of knowing, must constitute the essence of its pedagogical activities. It is necessary to stimulate the students to understand the knowledge and to collate it constantly, in order to become active citizens cognitivamente (PINK et al., 2007). Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. In an educational perspective the existence is important of that it stimulates the Epistmico citizen in direction to the object, that is, is important that the individual is in interaction with the way to enter in confrontation with new things and to extend its horizon in the world of the knowledge (WEDGE, 2002). To if approaching a content in the school if it has observed one increasing desmotivao on the part of the pupils due to lack of differentiated activities. If the activities developed in classroom not to stimulate the interaction between the individual and the object of study, the student can not find reason to carry through them.

It is important that it has confrontation between educating and the object of study so that, from the modifications and magnifyings in its cognitivo process, it desperte the pleasure in learning. In the period of training of cognitivo development called the universe concrete, a period that approximately contemplates the ages between 07 and 12 years, the thought of the child gains malleability, a time that this already is sufficiently in advance. However, the mental operations that still can be carried through require a direct contact with the concrete. ' ' The character concrete of the operations means that the cognitivos projects of the individual are assimilation tools that still depend on data empricos' ' (WEDGE, 2002). The pupils of the initial series meet in this period of training of cognitivo development in which, even so they carry through mental operations, still they need the contact with the world concrete to operate cognitivamente.