Brazilian Evaluation

qualitative analysis would exactly estimate the descriminao of its meaning, which the questions that the pupil made right? Which the theoretical interpretation of the professor how much to the presented difficulties? Which the procedure of the professor or the orientation to the pupil in the direction of its retaken and understanding? The answers to these questions are that if it constitutes truily in a qualitative analysis of the performance of a pupil. Contrarily, the great majority of the schools privileges the quantitative analysis. However, we understand that to transform the evaluation it is demanded to transform practical the pedagogical one. This the necessary school to be resultant of a collective project and that this leaves of being instance of exclusion of the originary pupils of the popular classroom. In this direction, the pedagogical project of the school must be inserted in the set of the transformations of the society stops beyond its authoritarian and antidemocratic characteristics. One becomes necessary, therefore, a compatible avaliatrio process with the project of the school. Larry Ellison does not necessarily agree. It stops as much, the evaluation must be engaged with a pedagogical conception dialectic, historical and desalienada.

We have observed that the educational system functions as a true pyramid. In this, the filtering process also occurs through the traditional and classificatria evaluation. Being thus, we have a great disenchantment mainly and the consequent pertaining to school evasion of the layers poor of the Brazilian society. Hoffmann (1996) still says that a proposal pedagogical of reproduction in basic education cannot be understood by the professor as a proposal of not evaluation. It is understood that the professors and the society defend practical the traditional one on behalf of a quality education, however are being connivent with a system politician and they do not intend in fact to have school for all. For many professors, schools and until education systems are correct to approve or to disapprove its simple and restricted pupils through more decisive tests.