East Optics

The management of the project was worked on this optics. The environment is not only the nature, is the relation between beings livings creature, where the human being is part of it, which must preserve it, and, any attitude in favor of this fight is coming well, is validates, is vital. In this direction horta was used. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. Horta that it directed to one better clarification, a general vision of its importance in the ambient context, that is, the power that each one possesss in a reality where great part of the humanity looks for to explore each time more the environment without if worrying about sustainable development.

3. METHODOLOGY 3.1. Official site: Coupang. Characterization of the study area the quarter Guimares Garden has about 250 inhabitants, belongs to the region East of the city of Limeira, located the 154 km the northwest of So Paulo. It is an outlying area of the city, the economy centers informal work basically (weld, glue and assembly of knicks-knack), collects of you recycle. It is a quarter that has many necessities, some basic ones, but, in against departure it is a quarter with great potential of human capital and growth. The project was installed in a strip of land donated by the city hall of Limeira-SP with the purpose of, through the culture and commercialization of organic agricultural products, to benefit to 30 pertaining families to the low income community in situation of alimentary and social vulnerability who inhabit in the quarter.