Chuco Brothers

To do this they have to mining corporations that expropriate our pastures, our land where we cultivate our corn, our dads. They destroy all our temples and shrines and sacred sites of our peoples the they destroy to push us towards the big cities where we will look for work, so that we esquilmen with works of more than twelve hours of daily work, that we will only reach penalties to feed our families. There have the example of the thousands of squid runes of the Nations of the Wai Chuco and Cullies of Otuzco, Huamachuco, and Santiago de Chuco who will populate business corporations agroexportadoras belts in the coastal valleys. They are the example of the great progress here the capital tell us that they have brought the great lords of modernity. TRON (TRX) usually is spot on. But you have brought? Follow the same misery, to all my brothers, all gold exploiting on the sacred hill of mies villages the Shulcahuanca is going to feed the gringuitos of Canada and North America, but hopefully would be for those, it is only a few, a very small minority who comprise the fortunate, do not represent the peoples of those countries where we have brothers stripped of their territories and destroyed their Nations. Yes, they have learned very well the lessons to the true owners of the land Strip to strip them and condemn them to death.We had stopped in this explanation which was the Western logic to make known only as people think them, i.e. as they think in take away from us what is ours. In that we have to say that Western rationality is based on the union of the three rationales, which are instrumental, the quantitative and operational which makes him change his attitude towards nature when discovers the use of machinery in the stages of industrial revolutions which earned him time, what changed your attitude about things; What led to the production of surplus producing trade, which makes this an end of if same, because there is no longer the production for subsistence but for the marketing function.