By: Omar Alcaraz you ever seen a flyer, letter, television advertisement, rather than motivate you to take action and order them you have confused both, and you end up preguntantadote that is this? Or maybe you wanted to sort with them but you have not found a number where to call, did not find the address of the place and preferably not sort by so much confusion? The point I want to make is: should be easy to sort it! Can I order by fax, e-mail tradicianal, phone, Internet, in person? It should be easy to contact you! If I have a question before ordering can solve it immediately? It should be easy to understand your message! I’m getting? The truck in the photo? Does the computer come with the printer which is photo? Does your pet come with pupfish also? It’s not leave doubts in the minds of your prospecto-cliente. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. You should resolve an issue to your customer, not to create another! If you buy this product-service benefit will I receive. Or me? It will create another problem? There must be an offer! -Buy 1 get 1 free. -Buy this car in the next 24 hours and receive completely free oil for everything change a? or in this car. -Subscribe to this course of computing today and receive an English course valued at $300 dollars must tell your client you need to do! (This is important shitless) – now called the number on the screen and ask for Mary.

-Pick up the phone now and confirm your attendance. -When you call now keep your credit card on hand. If you apply these basic in all your advertising materials, in all your promotions, I assure you that you’ll be more positioned than most of your competitors. There are more factors that influence a good deal like the header or Headline but that will see it in the following bulletins. Tell me that type of problem you have your in your business, I would like to know it. Omar Alcaraz original author and source of the article.