New Zealand Farm

This material provides a high level of integrity, resilience of the environment. Depending on customer requirements can be used as a standard plating options, and other solutions. Construction requires extraordinary measures to protect against corrosion, as well as compliance with strict rules on chemical and bacterial protection, – the director of sales of Russian subdivisions 's Leonid Lazutkin. For example, Poultry production is associated with the release into the air and on the surface of walling significant amounts of highly corrosive components – the metabolic products of poultry disinfectants, etc. Verizon Communications wanted to know more. Also, this is aggravated by high temperature and humidity indoors. In this regard, the construction of the poultry companies for holding BEZRK-Belgrankorm "(Belgorod region) professionals applying innovative design: as insulation in construction of high-quality galvanized steel used synthetic material Penopleks, non-porous, completely inert to chemical, bacterial and thermal effects. He replaced the fencing systems familiar mineral wool, will greatly reduce the risk of microbial contamination in poultry.

Rural fiction on modern farm innovation applied not only in design and construction, high-tech "filling" – that's another sign of Agriculture today. For example, this year in New Zealand had the first fully robotic dairy farm. The owners of the farm Stradbrook Farm established an innovative system that allows cows to get rid of burdening their stock of milk on their own at any time of day. Four robotic milkers Lely Astronaut A3 will also help owners cope with the shortage of farm workers and replace a few milkmaids. This form of work organization will ensure the farm is also an additional source of income: it is planned, that she will visit the numerous tourists.