Universal Declaration

It is not possible to be reckless erasing of false to a legitimate expression of the faith, since the differences with the Vatican are not on the Dogmas of Faith, moral Doctrine nor; simply, they are on the technically called norms ” disciplinarias” , specifically in which has to do with the sacerdotal celibacy 2; that one is an ecclesiastical discipline in return, holds that in fact it changed and it can, theoretically, to continue changing. One is not a faith dogma. The brother Orthodox Church, that orders priests ” vlidamente” according to the judgment of the Catholic Church, it admits men married to the priesthood. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Ellison here. It is more, the same Catholic Church in the countries where the Byzantine rite – by example in the Ukraine predominates, to mention only one orders priests to married men, who continue living married life after the arrangement. In the personnel, I am convinced that this way, is providential, allowing freedom of option for so many true men who want to serve God, building according to his it brings back to consciousness and in sequence to the Universal Declaration of the Human rights: Article 16. The men and the women, from the marriageable age, have right, without restriction some by reasons for race, nationality or religion, to marry and to found a family, and will enjoy right equals as far as the marriage, during the marriage and in case of dissolution of the marriage. The priests who being procreated, and wish to responsibly act with his wife and children, allowing them the enjoyment to a name, a family, the love of their parents; without doubt, they will find his accomplishment serving to God with freedom, without taking the double moral that the discipline forces to them; then freedom without God, or God without freedom, is the same slavery.