This, my own meaning, is not a static entity nor a set of grouped items but an open process that accompanies with restructuring and increasing complexity of its multiple levels the permanent flow of my experience. This process occurs in such a way that each person experiences life as a sequence of events that constitute a history, yours, where, although the main character is constantly changing, it must experience is always as essentially. With all that said, we can try to distinguish the human person as a composite unit consisting of complex cognitive system, self-organized and autorreferido the experience of subjectivity, narrativamente, of a homo sapiens sapiens individual signified in the language. Final thoughts is this way of understanding the problem of the human person that prevents me accept as valid H. Maturana response to the question about the domain of Psychology: this domain is the study of behavior as the dynamics of relationships and interactions of animals among themselves and with their environment, in which each animal operates as a totality. (Maturana, 1993, p.

215) In my opinion, this assertion that can be shared by all those who focus on the study of the psyche from a black box perspective dispenses with the issue that I have emphasized in the previous pages: the emergence in the primate human in a subjective world, an organised subjectivity. I believe that the latter is, from by Yes, the most specific domain of psychological science. As for the warnings Gergen (1991) with respect to saturation and the colonization of the self by the environment in the context of postmodern society, I cannot accept them as a metaphor for the way in which some people may experience its relationship with a world saturated with information and ambiguity, or even, as descriptions of the way in which people explain that experience. On the other hand, I cannot accept them as valid explanations a systemic process involving a structural change that will lead to the dissolution of the self as an organization that, according to what we have seen, the self arises, builds and maintains in the dynamics of a permanent differentiation from each other and the world.