The Family Law Rules The Name

Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter lawyers inform the naming determines an important part of human identity. Naming rights are therefore not only in everyday business of importance, but also subject of family law. The law firm Danielleeee & judge describes the family law rules to the naming rights in Bergen auf Rugen. In family law, in particular the represented the following provisions to the marriage and the child name of practical importance are. The legal regulation of marriage name finds its origins in 1355 BGB. Since the Constitutional Court has lifted the legal obligation to conduct a common name in 1991, it is free the spouses to choose a common name of marriage or to give up. A couple against a common marriage name, opts both marriage partners continue their premarital name.

Spouses should notify the decision to the leadership of a common name the Registrar upon the conclusion of the marriage. Missed you at this time can the necessary Declaration, They later be placed in publicly certified form. Permissible marriage names are the name of the wife or the one of her husband. Since 1993, it is prohibited to select a double-barreled as married name if no twin name birth name is entered in the birth certificate of a spouse. The legislature has thus responded to risk of formation of unhandhabbarer tapeworm name. Spouse, whose name does not become the married name may precede it behalf of marriage or attach.

Is the marriage ended in divorce or a spouse dies the spouse can keep the marriage name or again assume his birth name. Children acquire their names by birth. Her first name is determined jointly by the parents or the person entitled to the sole concern. The name must identify the gender of the child applicable in each case. In addition, such names are not allowed, the objectionable or obscure character, as well as disclose the bearers of the name of ridicule.