Baby Bathtub

On parents find not the complete equipment for your baby, but for great innovations in practical product solutions and beautiful design new under ‘Art & design’ on rattling who does not know that? The baby bath is constantly in the way. To clear them from the shower in the bathtub and the shower in the bathroom. She is always in the way. On holiday you can take also the absurdity. In most of the hotel rooms there are only showers. Where should you bathe the baby then? Now there are the first folding bathtub. The rattle Stork portrait painting has expanded its range to another special feature! In the age of digital photography, there are countless pictures from every stage of development of your child but honestly: who can they still develop, let alone frame? A portrait-painting of your child’s or your family is there already something completely different. Either for yourself or as a gift for friends and relatives! It will be painted with acrylic on canvas.

Any size, any color is possible individual and personal! Flexi BathTM bath but also a very practical product found collection with us! The trend towards wellness oasis is home to recognize, but who can already implement this? Often it is limited in the size of the bathroom and in many households, there is only a shower for the daily wellness tour”. Here, a baby has special requirements to providing. Almost an impossibility is to bathe the baby in the shower, each time to fill a large tub brings a huge increase of in water demand with it, not to mention there is no boon for MOM’s and Dad’s back, to bathe her baby in the big bathtub. A private bath is fine not only for the baby, but also some benefits for the parents. However, once bought, you ask yourself: where now with the big thing? She is permanent in the way in the shower in the bath or in the nursery! To remedy this, the flexi BathTM was bath of the Danish designers A real cool world”developed. It consists of plastic parts, which are held together by extremely flexible silicone compounds.

Along these silicon compounds can easily as often as they want be folded flat and space-saving, simply and safely stowed away. So she brings not only for at home a real added value, but will include travelling to your favourite things! About rattle Stork: The rattle Stork brand for products with exceptional design, functionality and practicality. Products for expectant, freshly baked and even savvy parents who make the life easier, safer and more beautiful. The new Muller rattling KG sells under the brand rattle Stork baby and toddler products in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Headquartered near Vienna, in Perchtoldsdorf 2010 as a family business, established is the selection of products based on personal experiences of parents and children. Related links: shop/index.php? c = 25 & p = 84 (directly to portrait painting) (Flexi BathTM) contact: rattling geranium Neumuller rattling KG Schon er ERG ACEs 12 A-2380 Perchtoldsdorf m: + 43/664/88620-631 o.-632 e: i: