Notes Markets

As also that so well described, used are the functions expected of the Department of markets, what is so ready your resource human. The truth, which is necessary to avoid a series of errors that you can give and seriously affect the expected performance of the role of markets. Regarding this, in an interesting writing on the subject, Alejandro Jauregui, that there is definitely gives us many errors are committed when not clearly understood the importance and the impact of the policies of the companies marketing. A flat business and thoughts of short-term vision, many times destroyed good business ideas, by a total disconnect between the company and its marketing system. It proposes the suggestion of not making some mistakes brought and which of them will stop us in two, which we consider to be important among the errors pointed out are: equate the market with sales not constantly thinking about care system the customer forget a frequent client is more valuable in the long term than a casual sale of high income. Place greater emphasis on the volume not in its quality and profitability based the determination of prices on the higher cost rather than a target price plan communication tools separately and without integration with the system of marketing to sell the product, without understand and respond to the real needs of consumers and customers referred to is important detenercese in the scope of what represents for examplethe neglect as it happens in many Venezuelan companies, especially their SMEs related to place greater emphasis on the volume of customers and not on their quality and profitability. In this regard gives us, that there are more profitable than other clients.

Think about marketing as a flat increase of clients is a serious mistake. On many occasions 10 excellent clients can be more valuable than 100. It is essential that companies based their marketing under the criteria of targeting and segmentation strategies most appropriate customer profiles can be found this way and the most profitable. Another important aspect is to sell the product, without understanding and respond to the real needs of consumers, about it it says, that the development of any product not currently, born a bid approach, born of a criterion of demand, i.e., new products should be developed based on the preferences of consumers. Such reality generates the need that enterprises need to be constantly thinking on the needs of its customers and the ways in which better their needs can be resolved. In addition, no marketing policy should forget the economic, social and environment of competition which it faces. Of course, there are other errors which must be considered and avoided arising, for example all concerning what should be appropriate publicity in the current reality, in an era in which information, computing, eSATA systems provide new openings, reaches in many aspects.

As well, the establishment, selection of the most efficient, effective, profitable distribution channels, whereas new openings have been thanks to ESATA, to cite one. Should markets systems be fully identified with the needs, demand, consumer behaviour in order to ensure satisfaction, identification, loyalty. As addition, suggest a modern redefinition of the functions of markets where new topics that the marketing has developed are involved and not ever neglect the significance and scope that derives know properly use the market research, among others. * Notes of Chair of marketing, graduate program of management of quality and productivity, virtual classroom, Faces postgraduate Area, University of Carabobo.