The Deepest

Incapable of any reaction, adentro decided to take refuge itself continent, joining it a group of people who followed trip. To the few, known mist goes covering mountains and esfumaando the landscapes. The friends if discourage If they exhaust Edward if finds alone now, without nobody, in the deepest solitude, a place that, the few, was becoming closer. An atrocious and ancestral force passed for the soul of the immortal one; to the few, its fingers had been gaining form of claws, the enormous layer and black that dressed it was changedded into great wings. The bats, inhabitants of the neighborhoods, if inquietaram.

Some thing with much force and influence had fond. The moon, in seconds, was covered by a flock of black wings. As the immortal one calculates, that land was same a perfect place, the place that it always dreams. After some days of andanas and sobrevoos for the region, Edward found what it looked for. Its desire for ruins always is to it very strong.

Abandoning, in way to mountains it sighted an old church and next to it, a wooden coffin. It was taken possetion of it and it made of this its bed, its home, together with the black monstrinhos had folloied that it in its peregrinations. Now everything was calm, all age solitude, deep silence more nothing. In the following day, Edward opened the eyes. How night tranquila! It thought, but an impression impactante and intuitiva passed for its memory. How hunger! it has as much time smiled. It was arisen calm and rested and it looked at for the window of the front: but the twilight in the horizon. Then, its eyes had shone as fire. There of the high one, it sighted small lights; its heart palpitou stronger? resqucios of human beings in that immense abandoned and left-hand side space. It had the sensation that blood drained for its mouth a flavor of cool blood human blood has how much time! Its look was guided vagarosamente throughout that great extension of lands, unproductive, but ideal for its nocturnal persecutions.