Globalization for Few, Exclusion for Many Brazil historically suffers with social problems, where a minority of the population withholds the wealth and enjoys of all the privileges that the consuming market and the corrupt politics offer, while the great mass of the society suffers with the exclusion process. Since the times of the slaves, exactly with the abolition, until the current days the social problems are desumanos such as: it lacks of a good education, access the medical treatments, proper housing, sanitation, feeding of quality among others that they appear with the surprising invention of the Internet associated with the globalization that more just goes of meeting of paradoxical form the expectation of a future and igualitrio, where the social problems and the concentration of income were reduced. However, what it was constructed was a great social abyss, where the rich ones are each time more fortunate, esbanjando and esnobando all its purchasing power and its power of influence politics, running over social interests of who really needs the devoid population that lives of ‘ ‘ crumbs of po’ ‘ donated for the governing, making to remember ‘ ‘ CIRCUS AND OF THE PO’ ‘. It is sad to observe adult and children abandoned in the streets, without having what to eat and that they finish searching prostitution and the drugs to run away for some moments of the reality where they live, having that to steal to obtain some money to buy food and more drugs, entering in one I circulate vicious until one day will pay the accounts to the dealers with the proper life. The impotence sensation is great ahead of such daily facts ignored by the government. This is a contradiction that the globalization and the Internet present in them, where the border union, in addition, the information, the inclusion of the peoples in a system that it joins the rich ones and disaggregates the poor persons at the same time.

We are victims of these economic systems and the governments that they do not invest in basic for the formation of a society with discernment and the opinion, capable to fight against abuses of corrupt authorities, making with that the laws are applied and the chances arrive for all, democratizing our search for social ascension, making possible to our children better conditions of life. Each stronger time becomes the direction of that ‘ ‘ you only valley what tem’ ‘ for a hypocritical society, disloyal and interesseira. To be honest in Brazil is to pass the time for the smart one that it looks for to burlar the laws and the norms to search its objectives personal, and thus functions our globalization is the rich imperialistas that burlam the laws, the world-wide conventions in search of its objectives and the poor persons in development that if they unfold to leave a subservincia situation.