Protecting Your Car

You can safely say that the first car theft in Russia was carried out in 1896 at the Novgorod fair. Then there was the most stolen car of Nicholas ii. This event marked the beginning of this type of business in Russia. Today, it is very profitable business. Sold each year worldwide stolen vehicles by 20 billion dollarov.Sredi hijackers are real professionals, who even mastered the forgery and sale of the car. And this is not young people or drug addicts. Most are young, educated people from 25-35 years. The current level of security and anti-theft is quite high, and the hijackers, willy-nilly to support their "qualifications" on the level.

If you make a list of most stolen cars in Russia, in the first ten will be vw Passat, vaz 2115, VAZ2112. also popular for stealing cars vw Golf and Toyota RAV4, Toyota Avensis and the Camry. These are the machines that are most in demand in the secondary market vehicles. What need to do to protect themselves from theft? Of course, the first thing to put anti-theft system, which consists of: 1.Samogo protective device system that locks the machine, it prevents the movement of his swing. 2. Alarm. This sound or other device that tells the owner of the car trying to hijack and attracts the attention of passers-by. Prices of anti-theft devices are different, depending on many indicators.

Main indicators are as follows: The popularity of the system depends on advertising. Servicing the system. Quality from the manufacturer.