The Bank

The loan, which was necessary beginner entrepreneur – a little more than three hundred thousand rubles for the purchase of necessary equipment. However, none of the bank he did not find understanding: having a slender head of business development plan, he could not properly reflect it in paper. After advising on the business plan it moves from the "dead point". The conclusion of this story is simple – with the financiers to speak a language they understand, crafted business plan – the best indicator of the seriousness of your intentions. If you do not feel the strength to make it yourself, ask for help – good opportunity for that now abound, including on a pro bono basis.

The second important aspect – the presence of collateral. The Bank can not be one hundred percent sure that you get to successfully implement the idea and return the loan, so getting money for a startup with no collateral or guarantee almost unreal. Exceptions are cases when you already have a successful experience running your own business. Collateral may be a property, or, for example, a car. Be aware that the assessment of the property the bank produces, based on including the current liquidity bail, so get as a credit be at best 70% of the market value of the underlying property. In the absence of security may consider two option.

The first – unauthorized, or consumer credit, but the interest rate on it will almost certainly be higher, and therefore increase and the financial burden on the newly-fledged company. The second option – various kind of support funds for business or social entrepreneurs and business organizations exist in your area. You can use them to "pack" your business idea, get advice, or maybe – and find private investor, if the idea is quite promising. There is another possibility – to buy a franchise. Appeared on the market offers on unsecured bank loans business start-ups, opening a business of the franchising agreement. Finally – some practical tips that can be useful when dealing with banks about a loan: – Study the situation. Gather as much information about possibilities and peculiarities of banks even before they arrive in one of them to open an account. Be interested in a familiar business, read newspapers and thematic forums. Chances of getting a loan substantially increase if you ask him where is on the cash service your business. Choose "your" bank account with its credit policy. – Constantly remind told a bank representative about the prospects his case. On the business, which gives the impression of a dying man, no money will ever. Remember the phrase: "I can not survive without this loan." Business plan, just like you must radiate confidence and optimism. – Work "in white." Bank on a mandatory basis to explore your financial performance. The more money you show in the turnover of the company, the greater the amount of credit you can expect in the future.