Small Businesses Real Look

The financial crisis has led to a significant change in the financial markets. The sharp decline in bank lending to nearly provoked the bankruptcy of many manufacturing companies, leasing companies and banks. In early 2009, have been frozen by credit and leasing programs for the segment of large and medium-sized businesses. Forfeiting and leasing for small businesses while working, but with significant changes in credit policy. The biggest negative in terms of leasing has made a construction area, and, accordingly, the leasing companies have passed through a stream of massive defaults on its lease of construction equipment, machinery and trucks. Currently leased vehicles and equipment for the construction sector almost stopped. Lending to leasing companies to projects in the construction sector is completely frozen.

Significant changes have been leased vehicles, mainly cars. The Tax Code has changed, which overturned an increasing coefficient 3 on the leasing of equipment since 2009 of the amortization of groups 1-3. In result, the leasing of cars, turning the business into unattractive financial instrument. This state of affairs is likely to make leasing companies to leave the car market. Leasing Real estate is also going through hard times. Reducing the time, the provision of funds, has increased the monthly payments to lessees. If last year's real estate leasing for monthly payments was close to a lease today, given the reduction in rental rates, the monthly cost of leasing has increased. The situation became more complicated still, and a decrease in property prices, which resulted in discounts reached 50 percent.

For this reason, leasing companies have increased the size of the first payment under contracts for the leasing of real estate. Equipment Leasing Today imposes more stringent requirements for assessing the liquidity and maturity of contracts lease. At the same time, will lease the equipment becomes more and more frequently due to increased cost of imports. Unfortunately, many leasing companies find it difficult to correctly assess the liquidity of used equipment. Leasing Used Equipment until it became a mass product, but rather is an individual financial service. However, the demand for equipment will not fall, at least until 2010. International Leasing sharply reduced its volume due to increased currency risks, cost of resources and reduce the length of the loan. On the other hand, the withdrawal of banks from the international segment has led to the activation of private equity and alternative forms of financing, such as forfeiting. General trend in the development of leasing in 2009 will be small business loans for risk diversification. In addition, a small business is more stable and income than the corporate segment.