For while the exquisitely prepared ‘the tuna carpaccio, “was delivered last guest, it is stuck to his plate. I advised him to sprinkle the dish quite a bit of a light sauce of olive oil, which was not a classic Italian cuisine. You also do service sides of business aviation. How does this kind of services perspective? For a good catering company distances do not matter. Here only some 10 kilometers! When you contact the “Concord” what should be a budget to look at the celebration? Once we took the Prince of Monaco in Saint Petersburg, he wanted to know how many we can serve people at a time? I said that 5000. Then he asked if we could cater for more than 327 people (5327 men – all indigenous people of Monaco)? I said, “Sure!” Then he asked a question about the cost of such an event? I replied that in Russia it will cost about 50 euros per person, and if in Monaco, each guest will cost several hundred euros. The most expensive event, which served our company, held on the bell tower of the Smolny Cathedral. Expense per person was about 18 000 dollars, although most of this amount accounted for vintage wines and Armagnac from our collection.

What’s new in the catering sector? From the last –bacterial vacuum packaging for the products. For any catering company is a godsend. This package helps us deliver products to event naisvezhayshem form. Another innovation brought to us from Germany by our chef – these are special belts to help accelerate delivery of dishes to major events. What are the activities for the company are iconic? Primarily, this event with heads of state and royalty.

We also served balls in Paris at Le Moris, Milan, in the hall Palazzo Reale, in the palace of Venice Ca Rezzonico and many other events … but the most important for us was Summit in 2003, after which we got a start in the new direction of catering. And finally, why “Concord”? In general, in English the word concord – it is harmony. About 12 years ago, I decided to create a catering company, which would only deal with events on the road. Then my colleague Anthony Englishman William Geer, who works for me for over 13 years, suggested the name “Concord”. I’m a little surprised, but he said that maybe it name will be significant, and in this company I will be in harmony with itself. That’s the way it happened .