Sebastian Schipper

The result: Only 73 362 providers meet the criteria for a listing on your Only the required standards, such as for example a neatly accessible customer service, include a surprisingly negative, because E.g. the service criteria of the rule book. Our rules and regulations strictly in the areas of contract and pricing, since the consumer here can not assess the risks. In terms of service, however, we believe that the fulfillment of certain conditions for a recommendation is sufficient.

Whether the provider publishes a customer magazine or published tips, can be the difference between a good and satisfactory service assessment as she repeatedly is found in relevant studies. In short: we evaluate what it is: “cheap energy prices, fair conditions and regular service complements Verena Kleckel. Accordingly, the portal offers also a Servicetracking, which assesses the quality and speed of the respective customer service. An absolute novelty in the Energy market, which will replace the reporting date customer opinions in the medium term. Another new feature is the involvement of consumers and providers in the development of the regulatory framework. Everyone is invited to submit proposals, which then in turn passed to the users of the portal to the vote. The concept behind your is thus completely different than that of the leading providers. The comparison does not misleading filter and included no bonuses.

We compare energy prices and no marketing budget. “, explains Sebastian Schipper, Managing Director of the portal. You can you can’t seriously offered bonus at an annual bill of 800 200. So no one can buy and this leads to problems, as evidenced by the insolvency of Flexstrom in the medium term.” The young company has made much and wants to offer short-term nationwide the rate comparison. First successes and positive reactions from consumers are already there. Now it is continually to improve the many innovations and the message to spread.