The Price

The laws of pricing and value for money or what not are different from the pricing and value of all other commodities. Product price is formed in the 'struggle' of individual systems 'buyer seller'. The outcome of this 'struggle' – the exchange rates and the birth of a particular product. Knowledge participants formed a commodity in the market price of the goods of this type have the knowledge about the cost of this product. Price is a personal property item. Cost – the species property.

Product price is the price of the individual. Filed under: Vislink Technologies. Value product – the price of the species. Real barter concept of 'price' and 'value' is often used as synonyms. And this is natural: the ability to use a particular concept depends entirely on the subjective point of view the man himself. If the product is perceived by man as a concrete thing, the price of goods is the price of this thing. And if a person is perceived as a good representative of the type of goods, then the price of a commodity into a of the price – the cost. Mystery, for which solutions were created and still creates all value theory is the question of what makes the fighters for the price in a market of perfect competition to stop the fight exactly where the value of a commodity is equal to the cost of its production srednevidovoy. That is a question about the criteria that guided buyers and sellers of the equilibrium of the market come to a consensus that data exchange rules do indeed equivalent exchange.