Carlos Mora Vanegas insofar as we are experiencing within the transit of our life, we are working towards our maturity, which will be decisive baton in our actions, and interrelationships. Lack of maturity is cause of instability and frustration in life, as a person who lives according to the passions, depending on impressions of the moment, can do an option in life without leaving think it, put it in doubt, betray, many times, thus losing time and energies in a series of works undertaken and never finished. Maturity is a quality of the person who expresses a high human perfection has been written on the subject, as noted by that human maturity, in its full sense, consists of the harmony of the person. More than an isolated quality, is a State consisting of the integration of many and diverse qualities; It is a compendium of values rather than a single value. We can compare the maturity with a work of art, with a box of Rembrandt and Velasquez. The colors are perfectly combined.

All It is in your point, lines, figures and shapes, proportion and perspective. Each stroke has its value and each color is essential to complete and perfect the work. The same thing happens with maturity. It is harmony and proportion, it is combination and integration of very diverse in an organic whole human qualities: desire, intellect, emotions, memory and imagination; all the faculties of a human person. But not enough that are present all these elements; There has to be order and harmony between them. About the artist palette lie all the colors, but not why they form a work of art. This harmony translates into the perfect correspondence between who one is and what one professes to be, and its most convincing expression is fidelity to own commitments. In a mature person there is no place for the insincerity or hypocrisy.