Raise Awareness

According to the UNESCO Chair, raise is: to) help to understand the interrelationships and existing inequalities today, its consequences and structures or institutions that make them possible. (b) help to not be indifferent. (c) before the negative effects of the global socio-economic order. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. (d) to the social change in favour of Justice and sustainability. (E) help to act, to seek possibilities of social change, make proposals, pressing, influence the policy decision areas and media.

The final result of the sensitization is acquiring a personal and/or social commitment to intervene in community development, into concrete deeds, articulating protest and proposal. Awareness can be found in the code of conduct of NGOs for development as one of the fields of work: this activity is an active and creative process that promotes a change of attitudes and behaviour in society, promoting the values of Justice and solidarity. With awareness, according to the code of conduct, the NGO intended to: 1) Keep the public informed of the reality of poverty in the world and the causes and structures that perpetuate it; and facilitate a better understanding of the interdependence between countries, the causes of inequality and their possible solutions. (2) Foster an environment of understanding and respect for the Customs and ways of life of other cultures in public opinion. (3) Promoting values and attitudes conducive to social change, based on criteria of Justice, peace, equality, equality of rights and opportunities between women and men, democracy, participation, solidarity and care for the environment. (4) Encourage a concrete commitment to impoverished countries.